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Boy Playing Trombone

Brass Lessons

Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, Euphonium, French Horn

For Beginners:

Does your student want to try a new instrument? Do they want a head-start on learning for their school band class? Our brass instructors specialize in teaching beginning brass students. Lessons include emphasis on embouchure, music theory, and tone production. Our teachers honor students' choice in music as well as introduce traditional repertoire. 

For Intermediate/Advanced Students:

Our instructors are all advanced musicians and educators of their instrument. If you already know how to play, but are looking to improve your skills, get scales or a solo ready for an audition or competition, or want some help figuring out where to go next, our instructors can help. 

All brass students have access to discounted accompaniment rates, as well as participation in all studio recitals and events. 

Brass: Service
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