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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm still not quite sure what to sign myself or my child up for...what should I do?

With so may options, we get that it can be hard to choose one! The first step would be to check out our "Lessons Offered" tab. Then, If you still have questions, feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call, and we would love to set up an appointment to help you figure out what the perfect course is for you! 

Lastly, always keep checking our website and our social media sites for new offerings- we are constantly adding new stuff like bucket drumming, boom whackering, and trial period classes!

What kind of performance opportunities do I get if I'm a student of Red Piano music Studio?

As many as you want! Each year, Red Piano Music Studio holds a summer "Piano Potluck" and a winter "Holiday Recital", which are not required but are *highly* encouraged by our instructors! We also do various community activities from time-to-time, such as playing at senior living centers, and field trips to local concerts.  

Studio masterclass is also held a few times a session, and is an opportunity for all students to get together and play games, eat treats, and play their music for each other!

What's a good age to start music lessons?

The answer- any age!

Here at Red Piano Music Studio, we believe music should play a part in everyone's lives, no matter what their age! Our instructors are all qualified to work with students of all ages and experience levels. Every instrument has a different starting age based on the technical and physical demand needed for that instrument. 

What kind of music can I learn?

We believe students should learn a little of everything. With your instructor, you will come up with a plan that will help you best fit your goals, and your instructor will suggest repertoire and songs accordingly.

What if I don't just want to sit and play for a half hour?

Hey- us either! Here at Red Piano Music Studio, we believe that lessons are a culmination of music games, activities, theory, and of course- playing the piano! Learning should be fun, therefore- so should lessons!

Are your instructors qualified?

Yes- our instructors are all top performers and educators. Their performance resumes span from playing with the Oakland Symphony Orchestra, to playing in the Oakland University Jazz Band, to giving solo recitals, to playing in rock bands. They are all music students at Oakland University, which means they're studying the most recent educational theories and learning.


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