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Guitar, Ukulele, Bass

guitar lessons rochester hills

Both my 9 year old daughter (piano) and 13 year old son (guitar) take music lessons at Red Piano Music Studio. My son has also done the Rock Band camp over the summer and had a great time!

I am from a musical family and feel music is extremely important from a young age. Mackenna and Shea have been great at teaching my children and making leaning an instrument interesting and fun. The teachers guide them on sight-reading, timing, the basics of music and how much fun it can be. My children are directed on some music but are also able to choose the style and type of music they like so it keeps it personal. They have learned at a good pace and continue to improve.

I would highly recommend Red Piano Music Studio for music lessons and camps!

Guitar, ukulele, and bass lessons are offered all the way from beginner, to advanced students. Our instructors are skilled in teaching everything from traditional picking techniques, to chords/singing, even songwriting! Our teachers are skilled in all genres of music, and can help you achieve whatever your musical goals might be. 

All students get participation in all studio recitals and events, as well as discounted participation in all rock-band events and studio camps. 

Guitar, Ukulele, & Bass: My Lessons


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