Mr. Ben

About Mr. Ben


Mr. Ben received his B.A. degree in Music with a minor in history from Oakland University in 2020. He extensively studied music history, music theory, and conducting while also privately studying the viola and performing in the Oakland University Chamber Orchestra and Chamber Music Ensemble. Mr. Ben is also a composer, having written over thirty pieces of music; he has even had a piece premiered at Carnegie Hall in New York City. In addition to teaching viola, Mr. Ben teaches violin and music composition for students of all ages and abilities. He teaches piano for beginner students of all ages, as well.

Mr. Ben's Teaching Philosophy

“My teaching philosophy is based on the belief that every student learns differently. As such, I tailor my lessons to the needs of each student. I strongly emphasize a love of and a passion for music; as Beethoven said, "To play a wrong note is insignificant. To play without passion is inexcusable." My favorite part of my job is hearing student feedback on the weekly listening assignment, in which the student listens to a piece of music they have not heard previously.”

Why Teaching?

“I teach because I relish the opportunity to pass on my love of music to my students.”