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About Mr. Caden

Hello! My name is Mr. Dean and I am a guitar instructor for Red Piano Music Studio and the Oxford Virtual Academy.  I graduated from Oakland Community College in December 2020 with an

Associate's Degree in general music theory and performance under Dr. Tom Dennis and Mr. Levi Henson.  I am working to 

continue my education at Wayne State University to earn my Bachelor's Degree and subsequent Master's in guitar-related studies.

I have always had a great love for music.  As a teacher, it is rewarding to watch my students grow and discover

their musical path.

Teaching Philosophy

Why Teaching?

Having experienced many teaching styles throughout my life, I adopted the one my instructors used in college 

with my classmates and I.  This "guided discovery" is driven by the student's interests.  

By introducing techniques and concepts based on current status and needs allows the space to

tailor and adapt for growth among each individual student.    

I enjoy being able to provide a fun environment where students feel comfortable to explore, 

create and learn.

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