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About Mr. Tony

Mr. Tony is currently studying Music Education at Oakland University. He graduated from Athens High School and was an active member in the orchestra and choir programs all 4 years. His main instrument is the piano but also plays the violin and viola. Mr. Tony was also born in Mexico and moved to Michigan 8 years ago making him fluent in both English and Spanish. 

Teaching Philosophy

"Music education is based on the universal curiosity to understand why music has such a profound effect on everyone. I believe that no matter the instrument or the music being studied, the best way for people to learn and understand music is by encouraging questions, welcoming different perspectives, and preserving the curiosity we have for music."

Mr. Tony


Why Teaching

"Teaching music is an extremely unique experience. Over time, you are able to quite literally hear how people from all ages and backgrounds improve! Not only how they improve as musicians and performers, but also as people. You simply don't get that perspective anywhere else. Teaching allows me to share all the amazing things that can come from music. I am fully committed to giving all of my students the knowledge and resources to learn and experience they joy of playing music."

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