Ms. Ava


About Ms. Ava

Miss Ava loves music! She is in a rock band called “FRAME 42” and has opened for classic rock bands such as Warrant, Skid Row, The Guess Who. She will also be opening for Alice Cooper and Halestorm at the upcoming Blueridge Rock Festival in Virginia! Miss Ava’s musical skills have evolved from a young age. She started taking music lessons in third grade and performed at her first cafe in fifth grade. She concentrates her skill growth on piano, guitar, and vocals. Miss Ava was accepted into the Berklee College of Music in Boston and is taking online classes while she stays active performing with her band. Outside of music, Miss Ava loves to play volleyball and collect cool rocks she finds outside

Why Teaching?

Miss Ava teaches because she loves music and it makes her happy! She wants everyone to experience the joy that comes with learning how to play an instrument and eventually write their own music!

Teaching Philosophy

“My teaching philosophy is to make music fun and enjoyable for everyone while creating something they can count on to give them a creative outlet!”