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Mr. Caden

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 Teaching Philosophy

Music helps embody the soul with rhythm and creates a joyful atmosphere when playing. The students get to be creative and have another outlet in their life for any of the things they are going through, and I get to be there for them for part of their musical journey. I take pride in knowing that I’ve created an environment that allows children to be themselves through music, and I take the responsibility and opportunity very seriously. I think having fun is the most important part, and learning to love music, so that is what I will focus on the most with the students at RPMS.

Why Teaching?

I teach because during my time being taught music, some of my best memories have been made. Even in school without music, teachers have made arguably the biggest impact on my life, and I teach to create those memories and be there for the students. I want to help kids learn to love music and learn to have fun while learning it, and I want kids to have somewhere to go if they are feeling left out or alone, and always be there for them.

About Mr. Caden

Mr. Caden is currently finishing school at OHS, and is already studying neuroscience and music. He’s been playing drums since he can remember on the pillows and pots and pans. I started guitar and piano when I was 5 but never got far (he says he liked hitting the drums way more), and started auxiliary percussion in 6th grade. Music is his entire life, and he played lead snare in the marching band, drumset for pit orchestra and jazz band, and has even started to branch out and play the saxophone here and there. Fun fact- Mr. Caden has a dog named Milo, and one of his favorite foods is guacamole!

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