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About Ms. Bella

Miss Bella is in her third year at Oakland University striving to achieve her degree in Vocal Music Education! She is a graduate from Athens High School, where she participated in choir and many musicals and plays. Some of her favorite roles include Rosalia from West Side Story and Marjorie Baverstock in The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940! She is currently in the Oakland University Chorus as a Soprano.

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Ms. Bella

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Why Teaching?

As a student in high school, I found that the choir room was a safe environment for me. It was a sanctuary where I could expand on my love for music. When I shadowed my choir director, Mrs. Covian, I learned the inner workings of music and the magic it creates. She deeply inspired me and I hope to inspire others to find their passions as I found mine.

Teaching Philosophy

Each student should be encouraged and supported to build confidence in themselves as individuals. Every student has different needs when it comes to learning and I will guarantee those needs are met!

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