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Summer Camp Safety Protocol 2021

We require masks when:

-Students are inside, and not able to have a large amount of social distancing. 

-Students are outdoors and less than 3 feet apart for an extended period of time.

-For all staff when they are around students except at lunch when students are all socially distanced, and outdoors when possible. 

Our studio at 1049 John R has a large group class space that allows for distancing of students, as well as a large front room which we use for our day camps. 

Please take note of camp locations, as some take place at 550 E. Silverbell Road, Lake Orion, to account for higher student numbers.

Do you require masks?
How are your facilities set up?

We require anyone entering the building to have a COVID screening completed by our staff, that includes:

-A record of person's temperature 

-Indication that they have not had any COVID symptoms in the past 14 days.

-Indication that they have not been around anyone with COVID in the past 14 days. 

What are your screening procedures?

Our staff have strict cleaning protocol that they must follow for each room of our building, which are all cleaned with cleaners approved to kill the COVID-19 virus. 

Additionally, all students/faculty participate in frequent hand washing and sanitizing. 

What are your cleaning procedures?

These protocol are reviewed and updated as updates are provided from the CDC.

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