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Meet the Owner

Mackenna Greene

Hey There! 

My name is Ms. Mackenna, I am the owner of Red Piano Music Studio. I founded Red Piano back in 2018, where I saw a need for music education that was able to meet students where they were at, and inspire them through a creative education that focuses on getting them to enjoy making music. Our staff are hand picked, thoroughly interviewed and auditioned, and trained in practices to make student's lessons enjoyable. On top of that, they are all current or recent graduates of local music education/performance programs- making them not only great musicians, but excellent mentors for young people as well. 

I began my teaching career in 2014 as an assistant in a music school teaching early childhood music classes. In 2016, I was a senior in high school, where I was performed in 2 separate bands on saxophone and clarinet, upright bass in the orchestra, sang alto in the choir, electric bass in jazz band, performed in a percussion ensemble, played as an organist in a church, and  took piano/drum lessons for many years. 

I began school at Oakland University in 2016, graduating in 2021 with a music education degree. During this time I had the opporutnity to study with many fantastic music educators, performed in many different ensembles, and began red piano! 

I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education (K-12 General/Instrumental Speciality), a teaching certificate in the state of Michigan, and 9 years of experience working with students from ages 1-80, in group settings, as well as teaching early childhood music, adults with exceptionalities, and students with progressing dementia/alzheimers.

I am passionate about training the next generation of exceptional educators, and giving our community the best music education around! Contact us today to learn more. 


Meet The Owner: About Me
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