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Ms. Natalia


Why Teaching?

I wish to ensure that my students feel that they can express themselves musically, while also creating a comfortable and inspiring learning environment. My top priority is to allow students to have all the materials possible for them to succeed, as well as be able to enjoy the creation and process of music

About Ms. Natalia

Ms. Natalia is currently pursuing a double major in Music Education and Flute Performance! Outside of playing the flute, she also plays piano, ukulele, and guitar. She has four cats, as well as two bunnies named Dorian and Locrian!

Ms. Natalia's Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is that every student is unique in their own way, and will want to express themselves differently than other students. It's important to ensure the learning environment is suitable for the students, so they can feel as comfortable as possible. Music-making can happen best when a student can feel comfortable enough in an environment to grow emotionally, physically, socially, and musically. I ensure that all of these needs are met in a learning environment, so the students can better their musicality and understanding. 

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